Scarfe: 60 Years of Being Rude – Special editions!

The limited Artist’s Edition of Scarfe: Sixty Years of Being Rude can be ordered direct from Gerald’s publisher by calling +44 (0)1235 759555.

In 2019 Gerald published a stunning retrospective of his work, Scarfe, which expands on 2005’s Drawing Blood in every way: his work is presented as no book has presented it before. This fully illustrated, 576-page volume reveals the truth of sixty years of politics and culture, packed with images that have defined not only one artist’s career, but also twentieth and twenty-first century British life. A showcase of Gerald Scarfe’s glittering career in design, reportage and showbusiness, Scarfe presents drawings, sculptures and photographs alongside witty and poignant captions and stories. Scarfe’s muses: Thatcher, Clinton, Blair, May and Trump, as well as many other titanic figures of our times are all here, revealed as they really are by Scarfe’s cutting pen – as well as his iconic designs for Pink Floyd The Wall and Disney’s Hercules. Carefully curated by the artist himself, this monumental book is the definitive guide to the career of a national treasure.

Artist’s Edition

Limited to twenty-six copies signed and lettered A-Z, and including an original piece of artwork by Gerald Scarfe as well as an exclusive signed print, the artist’s edition comes in a sumptuous illustrated presentation box. Each copy is unique, and it can only be purchased direct from Gerald’s publisher, Hachette UK, by calling +44 (0)1235 759555.

Deluxe Edition

Limited to two-hundred individually numbered copies, signed by the artist and with an exclusive signed print, this beautifully illustrated book comes in a stunning illustrated presentation box.

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